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9/6/2015: Craig was please to work once again with Sam Schlenker (“Ghostwriter in Love”) on the music video for “Loon” by the band Blue Eyed Lucy.

8/30/2015: Craig was thrilled to reprise his role as Eurotrash villain Blake Powers in the spinoff series based on Brandon Hall’s comedy short “SuperZero.”

8/15/2015: Craig’s feature “Dangerous Company,” directed by Sheldon Larry and starring Alicia Leigh Willis and Rick Ravanello, was released in the United States. It is available for rental or purchase.
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8/4/2015: Brandon Hall’s comedy short “SuperZero” played at the Iron Mule Comedy Festival in New York City. Craig got much praise for his role as British Villain Blake Powers.
Iron Mule Comedy Festival
SuperZero – Full Film on Vimeo

8/2/2015: Craig completed his role as Eddie in director John Luksetich’s feature “Water,” co-directed by Camille Calvin. He enjoyed his time with the talented cast & crew.
“Water” on IMDb

7/22/2015: Craig will go before the cameras shooting the role of the cheating boyfriend Eddie in John Luksetich’s upcoming feature, “Water.” More info to come!

7/5/2015: Brandon Hall’s “The Deal Breaker,” starring Craig Watkinson as the man with the world’s worst laugh, played at the  Iron Mule Comedy Festival in New York City.
The Deal Breaker – Full Film on Youtube
Iron Mule Comedy Festival

7/1/2015: Craig was happy to take part in the reading of Ayinde Howell’s “The Lusty Vegan.” The pilot script, based on Howell’s own book, was performed for selected guests in Los Angeles.
To purchase the book: “The Lusty Vegan” on Amazon
To learn more about Ayinde:

6/20/2015: Brandon Hall has officially expanded his successful short film “SuperZero” into a full-on series. Craig will reprise his role as snarky British bad guy Blake Powers. The cast recently met up for a read-through of all episodes. 
The campaign is now live. 
Info on the Series: SuperZero Seed&Spark Campaign
SuperZero on Facebook

6/11/2015: Craig finished shooting the role of Nick in Amanda Serra’s webseries “Carbon Dating,” directed by Serra and Linda Palmer-Cardone. The series also stars Michael Gross (“Family Ties”). 
Click here for more info on the series:  Carbon Dating Website
Click here to donate to their campaign: Carbon Dating IndieGogo

6/10/2015: “Here in the East,” a feature Craig is set to star in as the villainous Ace, has just started its Indiegogo campaign. Click here to donate: Here in the East IndieGogo
Here in the East on Twitter
Here in the East on Facebook

5/23/2015: Craig has been cast in the role of “Eddie” in the upcoming feature film “Water,” produced by Go Nuts Films and directed by John Luksetich. More info to come! Go Nuts Films

5/9/2015: Craig’s film “Night Play,” directed by Erika Davis Marsh, had its world premiere screening in downtown Los Angeles.

5/3/2015: Director Justin Grizzoffi’s feature film “Speedwagon” had its world premiere screening in Los Angeles. The film stars Craig Watkinson and Joe Fria as two people embarking on an ill-fated road trip. For more info, visit: Speedwagon Website

4/29/2015: Craig’s feature “Dangerous Company,” directed by Sheldon Larry, had its world premiere screening at the Landmark West Theater in Los Angeles. the film also stars Alicia Leigh Willis and Rick Ravanello.
Click here for the trailer: Dangerous Company Trailer

4/19/2015: Craig reprised his role as Harry in Omar Aldakheel’s follow-up to his comedy short, “Harry.”

4/17/2015: Sam Schlenker’s short film, “Ghostwriter in Love,” had its world premiere screening on April 17, 2015.

4/4/2015: Craig joined the rest of the cast for a table read of Walter Perez’ upcoming feature film, “Here in the East.” Craig will play Ace, deadly point man for a nefarious criminal organization known as “The Corporation.” More info to come!

3/8/2015: Craig wrapped principal photography as the male lead in Erika Davis-Marsh’s “Night Play.” More info to come!

3/2015: Yahoo!’s original scripted comedy “Sin City Saints” has premiered! The series also stars Tom Arnold and Malin Akerman.   You can catch the entire first season online at the following link:
Click here for more info:   Exclusive Photos   Sin City Saints Story #1      Sin City Saints Story #22/27/2015: Craig wrapped principal photography as the titular character in Omar Aldakheel’s comedy “Harry.”
2/25/2015: The Interns is live! The pilot is now viewable online at the following link:
Interns Pilot Episode2/13/2015: Craig was cast as the lead role of Harry in Omar Aldakheel’s untitled upcoming romantic comedy. More info to come!
2/10/2015: Craig was cast as the villainous “Ace” in the upcoming feature film, “Here in the East,” directed by Walter Perez. More info to come!

12/13/2014: Brandon Hall’s comedic film “SuperZero” has its world premiere screening in downtown Los Angeles. Craig plays the Eurotrash villain, “Blake Powers.”   

12/10/2014: Craig makes a very sexy model for Richard Cheese’s “United We Lounge” t-shirts.  
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Craig had a lot of fun traveling to Las Vegas to shoot his role in one of Yahoo’s first scripted television series, “Sin City Saints.” He plays a reporter trying to get the details on a scandal involving the fictional basketball team of the same name. Produced by Mandalay Sports Media, the series stars Tom Arnold, Malin Akerman, and Andrew Santino.

“A great cast, a great crew, and a really funny script. What more could you hope for?” Watkinson asked.
The show also features former NBA players Rick Fox and Baron Davis. Exclusive photos can be seen at the following link: SCS PHOTOS        Sin City Saints IMDB Page


Craig had a great time playing the pivotal supporting role of Jason in Sheldon Larry’s upcoming thriller, “Family Trust.” The film stars Rick Ravanello (“The Cave”) and Alicia Leigh Willis (“General Hospital”) and was written by Jeff Brady.

“This was my first time working with either Rick, Alicia, or Sheldon, and all of them were absolutely wonderful with me. I came in on the last day of filming to do my scenes. There was no sense of fatigue as there often is after long shoots, and I learned a lot from working with these great talents. I think it’s gonna be a really entertaining film!”

“Dangerous Company” is scheduled to be released in the US soon! For more information on the film, click the link below:
Dangerous Company Page
Dangerous Company IMDb Page


Craig had a great time filming the role of Gavin Davison, CEO OF Realitanium Productions, in Spencer Reed’s upcoming comedy series, “The Interns.”  “I’m your worst nightmare of a boss,” Watkinson explained. “Like Steve Carrell from The Office, if his character set actual bear traps around the office.”
The pilot now complete, the cast and crew are anxious to shoot the remaining 10 episodes of Season 1.
Click the first link below to view the pilot, and the second to donate to the Indiegogo campaign!
Interns Pilot (YouTube)
                                                                          Interns IndieGoGo Campaign


Craig is thrilled to have just wrapped principal photography on director Justin Grizzoffi’s upcoming feature, “Speedwagon.  Along with Joe Fria (“Community”; “Gilmore Girls”), Craig stars as one of the two leads in “the tale of a space obsessed hermit, his former best friend,and an invisible astronaut road tripping their way across the American Heartland.”
“It’s basically a road trip movie,” Watkinson said.  “I love films with two mismatched characters who kind of get pulled into these strange situations, learning about the world and each other along the way.”
The film shot  in locations throughout Arizona and California.
For more information on the film, click any one of the links below:
Speedwagon Teaser Trailer
Speedwagon Site
Speedwagon Facebook Page
Speedwagon Twitter Page
Speedwagon IMDb Page


Craig had a ball shooting writer/director Sam Schlenker’s short film, “Ghostwriter in Love.” It tells the tale of Brian Chazwick (played by Jeremy Gladen), a ‘ghostwriter’ who’s been recruited to blow the whistle on the underground network of writers and artists who slave away in anonymity while big name authors reap all the fame and reward. Craig plays puppet-master Stephen, head of a publishing house where beloved author/fraud Clyde Campbell (played by Patrick Anderson) has for years been claiming Chazwick’s works as his own.

“Sam’s screenplay was smart and hilarious, and he afforded me the opportunity to play another sleazy douche,” Watkinson said recently.  “The cast and crew were fantastic to work with. I can’t wait to see how this turns out.”

The film is currently scheduled for an April 2015 release.

Kickstarter Video


Craig enjoyed his time in November 2014 filming Nina Varela’s short film, “Bittersweet.” He played Harry, a man grieving over the recent loss of his mother. He attempts to recreate the apple pie she made him as a child, trying to feel the perfect happiness of his childhood.

“I saw an amazing film Nina wrote called ‘Gasoline,'” Watkinson said. “It had an incredible emotional impact, so I was anxious to work with her. Hopefully this film will have some of the same power.”


Craig had an amazing experience working with director Eelum Dixit on his dramatic short, “Rising Tension.”  It is the story of Richard (Watkinson),  a man on the edge trying to rekindle the relationship he once had with his wife.  The film costars Julia Cavanaugh.

Eelum was one of the smartest, most supportive directors I’ve worked with in a long time,” Watkinson says. “The script was incredibly strong, I had a very talented actress [Cavanaugh] to work with, and the shoot was a pleasure.  I hope to work with them both again soon!”


Craig had a great time reuniting with Ayinde Howell [The Deal Breaker] on Kaela Rae Jensen’s short, “Not In Your Nature.” It tells the story of an IRA terrorist bonding with a prisoner whom he may eventually have to kill.

“Obviously, it’s heavy material. But the set was kept light, and it was fun getting to work with the dialects. we had a good time!”


Craig had a fantastic experience working with director Brandon Hall on his comedic short, “The Deal Breaker.”  It is the story of Barry (Watkinson),  a nice guy who happens to have the world’s WORST laugh, and his attempts to adopt a new one.

“Brandon was one of the funniest dudes I’ve ever worked with, and to have this material…  It was just an absolute pleasure.”  As for the laugh itself, “The auditions for the role to a large degree came down to having the most terrible laugh a human being could have.  My favorite description came from the DP, who described it as being like the sound of a mourning seal.”

The film had its Los Angeles premiere at the Robert Zemeckis Theater in downtown Los Angeles.  The short film is viewable at the link below:
The Deal Breaker


Craig had a terrific time playing the part of Ethan Hawthorne in Joel Vazquez’s trippy sci-fi drama, “The Deep.”  The story concerns a man whose wife (Cecilia Fairchild) enters a coma after a car crash.  With little hope of her waking, Ethan and a friend (Jim Carlson) devise a way to enter her coma to try and rouse her.

“Joel said he was going for a Michel Gondry kind of feel, and the piece reminded me a lot of the sci-fi piece [Borrowed Time] I did about a year ago, in a good way.  Both films deal with refusing to let go, and the lengths people will go to to prolong something which maybe isn’t meant to continue.”

The film wrapped in July 2014 and is currently in post-production.  More information is viewable through the link below:
The Deep – IMDb Page


Matt Kohler’s passion project “Typecast,” which Kohler wrote and co-directed along with Jon Artigo, just won Best Drama at Wisconsin’s 2014 Wildwood FIlm Festival in .  It concerns an actor (Kohler) fighting against — you guessed it — being typecast.

“Matt’s like seven feet tall and built like a young Schwarzenegger,” Watkinson said.  “This is the story of an actor of that type trying to fight against always being the dumb hunk, or just Fireman Number Three. I play his best friend in the film,” Craig said.  “A little socially awkward, a little comic relief.  I had fun!”

The film also played at the IFQ Film Festival on August 16, 2014.
Wildwood Film Festival
Independent FIlm Quarterly


Craig wrapped filming the lead role of “Max the Magnificent” in Juan Luis Bravo’s film, “Magic Act.”  It’s the story of a down on his luck magician who finds his passion renewed after an unlikely encounter with a young protégé (Zachary Rothman). The film was written by Nicolette Daskalakis.

“After teaching for so many years, it was nice to share lots of screen time with a talented young man who was about the same age of the students I taught,” Watkinson said.  “And he did a great job.”

The film screened in May, 2014, to rave reviews.
“Magic Act” Facebook
“Magic Act” IMDB Page


Craig Watkinson recently shot the role of “Deputy Peter Franklin” in director Robert Cross’ upcoming film, “Scarlett.”  The story centers on a young girl who becomes increasingly convinced that her father’s suicide was actually a murder, and that she knows who the killer is.  It stars Grace Victoria Cox (“Under the Dome”).

The film had its premiere in May, 2014, at the Folino Theater in Orange, California.

“Scarlett” Facebook Page
“Scarlett” Indiegogo
“Scarlett” Vimeo Teaser Trailer


On June 28, 2014, Craig wrapped filming his role as the male lead in Hazel Dolphy’s short film, “Mine, All Mine.”  He plays Mr. Jonathan Greenberg, the handsome and successful salesman whom the obsessed lead character lures to a party, then drugs and holds hostage.  It’s an official entry into “Make Your Mark – A Short Film Competition,” presented by the Producers Guild of America and Cadillac.
Mine, All Mine – IMDb Page


Craig finished shooting the lead role in the horror comedy “Phantasmagoric,” alongside Allison Mosier and Adam Forrest.  The film was written and directed by Lauren Kleeman.  The film had its Los Angeles premiere at the Eileen Norris Theater in downtown Los Angeles to much praise.

“Phantasmagoric” Facebook
Phantasmagoric” IMDB Page


Craig Watkinson will soon go before the cameras to shoot his role in writer Aaron Penney’s feature film, “The Nice Guy.” Billed as “a scathing journey of a self-righteous underachiever who reaches his rock bottom by burning every bridge that matters in his life, due to instability,” the film has been funded in part through the magic of Indiegogo.

Please check out the links below for more information.
“The Nice Guy” IMDb Page
“The Nice Guy” Facebook Page
“The Nice Guy” INDIEGOGO Campaign


Craig  completed shooting the scene-stealing role of Chadster in the upcoming web series, “Rolling-High.” Billed as “a web series about four friends who explore what happens when you can’t leave your work at the office and your dragon slaying at home,” Craig is absolutely loving the chance to play the type of obnoxious, low motivation, know-it-all employee most of us have at one point had the displeasure of having as a coworker!

Check out the links below for more information.
“ROLLING-HIGH” Official Website
“ROLLING-HIGH” Twitter Page
“ROLLING-HIGH” Facebook Page
INDIEGOGO – “Rolling-High”


In March, 2014, Craig completed shooting the role of sexist, British talent agent Matt in Lauren Otero’s web series “Kate & Tate,” directed by Raquel Rosensweig.  Matt is boss to the titular twins, and the web series follows their comic exploits.

Update: Craig did a pick-up shoot for the project in November, 2014, with a release date soon to come!


Craig wrapped filming Sharon Park’s short film “Ultimatum” in February, 2014.  He played the role of Michael, a man deep in debt with few options left, working alongside Vince Jordan.


In February, 2014, Craig Watkinson completed filming the lead role in Andrew Peat’s film “Tsunami Child.”  He played a man faced with a moral dilemma after having been tricked into visiting a Tahitian brothel.  The film co-stars Katherine Huang.  More info to come.


Craig Watkinson completed shooting the role of Roger, a restaurant manager who faces a crisis of conscience regarding an undocumented worker in Rajendra Thakurathi’s short film, “The Dishwasher.”

The film tells the story of  trying to catch a break in America through the perspective of someone not legally allowed to work in this country.  The film is set to have its Los Angeles premiere just before Christmas.

“Dishwasher” IMDB Page


Returning to the horror genre for the first time in over a decade, Craig recently finished shooting the lead role of Dr. Ian Klein in Tyler Sobel-Mason’s “The Hoarder.”  He plays a serial killer masquerading as a psychiatrist specializing in helping people with hoarding issues.

“This is definitely the goriest thing I’ve ever done,” Watkinson admitted.  “My dad will love it, but the trick will be trying to get my wife to see it!”  Craig Watkinson costars with Hayley Farrell and Sasha Venn, whom he also worked with on “Just Us Guys.

“Hoarder” Scene
“Hoarder” Full Film


Craig recently completed the lead role in writer/director Paul Lettieri’s ambitious sci-fi drama “Borrowed Time.”  Craig stars as… Craig (a part he was born to play), a rich 1-percenter of the future who purchases a formula that ensures him eternal health and youth.  When his wife refuses to take hers, citing that people are not meant to live forever, their love experiences many obstacles over the decades.
“The script is what did it for me,” Watkinson said.  “Rarely does a screenplay impact me so emotionally.  I was fighting tears just reading it.  I thought, ‘If we can bring the spirit of this to the screen, we’re gonna have a great movie.'”
On April 27, 2014, the film screened at the Sci-Fi-London Film Festival to rave reviews.
“Borrowed Time” Website
“Borrowed Time” Trailer
“Borrowed Time” FACEBOOK
“Borrowed Time” IMDb Page


Craig completed filming the lead role in Max Pittsley’s “Of Dice and Men” alongside Jessica Sirls (his “Just Us Guys” co-star) and veteran character actor Bobby Reed.

“I play a video game developer named Mort who begins having tensions with an old school board game designer, played by Bobby Reed.  It’s old guard versus new guard, but he’s my hero in the film, having made all these games that I grew up on as a kid.  So it’s really tough for me that he can’t stand me!” Watkinson said. “The director’s a really nice young guy who’s a product of USC Film School.  Those guys are the future, so it’s always great to work with them.”

“Of Dice and Men” IMDb Page


Craig Watkinson recently finished shooting the lead in “The Last Drive,” Justin Warren’s short film adaptation of Paula Vogel’s Pulitzer Prize winning play, “How I Learned to Drive.”

“It’s intense material,” Watkinson revealed.  “The play deals with pedophilia and incest, so you’ve got a potentially uncomfortable set…  But Justin as a director made us very comfortable, and Amanda was great to work with.  They made it easy.”

“Last Drive” Clip on YouTube


Craig Watkinson starred in the “Magnum Opus” episode of Criminal Minds as San Francisco Detective Lennon Miles.  After a serial killer begins draining victims of blood, he finds himself in over his head and in need of help from the BAU.

“It was a really nice group of actors,” Watkinson said.  “Obviously, they’ve been doing this a long time, and it shows in their professionalism and how well they know their characters.  It was a huge pleasure working with Joe Mantegna, as ‘House of Games’ was one of the films that made me want to become an actor in the first place.”

“The rest of the cast was great as well,” Watkinson added.  “Shemar taught me the proper on-camera technique for drawing your weapon on a psycho, and A.J. and I talked a lot about parenthood.  Hopefully another serial killer will show up in San Fran, and they’ll have to come back and help me some more!”

The episode, entitled “Magnum Opus,” aired April 24th, 2013, on CBS.  It is now available for purchase on iTunes.  A collection of some of his scenes can also be viewed on YouTube at the link below. – “Criminal Minds” Season 8
Craig’s “Criminal Minds” Scenes on YouTube


“WEDDING BAND” stars Brian Austin Green (“Beverly Hills, 90210”; “Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles”), Harold Perrineau (“Lost”), Melora Hardin (“The Office”; “Monk”), Jenny Wade (“Reaper”; “The Good Guys”), Peter Cambor (“Notes from the Underbelly”), and Derek Miller (“Scrubs”).  Craig performed the role of “Arthur Gold,” sleazy manager of boy band “Justa Krush.”

“I had a fantastic time working with the cast.  They were a really fun group,” Watkinson said.  “’Smoke’ is one of my favorite films and ‘Lost’ was one of my favorite shows, so working with Harold was great.  And Derek pretty much steals every scene he’s in.  Really, the whole cast was great.”  Asked about his character:  “Arthur Gold is a rival band manager to Melora’s character, so I’m definitely at odds with their core crew.  I manage a boy band, and I’m definitely a bit sleazy.  It was a great script, and the director (Kevin Dowling, “The Sum of Us”) was one of the best I’ve ever worked with.”

Craig’s Wedding Band episode, “Get Down on It,” aired in December of 2012 on TBS. You can catch the full episode online by purchasing it on iTunes.  You can view one of his scenes on YouTube through the link below:

A Scene from Craig’s “Wedding Band”
Craig’s Clip on YouTube